Stonework Inspiration for your Home

Stonework Inspiration for your home, including the use of stone mosaic wall tiles and different stone types used to create a rich features in your home like outdoor stone fireplaces and other stone features that truly turn a house into a home

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaics are put together using smaller stone or glass pieces in an orderly or random fashion. They can be created using small pieces of similar shape and color, or by using chips that vary vastly in cut, color and design.

Arranged in spiral, planar or randomly mixed patterns, stone mosaic wall tiles have timelessly been used for ornamentation of imperial and artistic spaces. The application of stone mosaic tiles can range from living room accent walls to office galleries, from kitchen back splashes to bathroom walls and beyond. Each designer wall application of stone mosaic is unique in style and creates a characteristic splash of royalty mixed with a transcending harmony on the surroundings.

Gravitational Pull and Push – Walling puts stone in relationship to gravity as much, or perhaps more, than it puts stone in relationship to stone. In walling, stone is the language through which we speak to gravity.

Stone Fireplaces

Having an stone outdoor fireplace on your deck, patio or backyard living room instantly makes it a perfect place for entertaining and creates a dramatic focal point.

Stone Fireplaces are not only stylish but very functional and can add great value to your property. They also make a wonderful feature for those who enjoy spending their leisure time with friends and family in their outdoor living space.

Stone, Water and Garden Features

Every garden needs a focal point or a central feature to highlight the area. Slate and feature stones are the best for either creating a statement or such a focal point. Style your garden with a water feature made from local stone which will create beautifully natural centrepieces to your garden.

Landscape designers often use stone water features to replicate the local terrain and natural water of the area.